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Valmont 法尔曼 生命之泉润肤露 - 150ml

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这是日常洁肤过程中的必要程序,有效过滤及去除肌肤上的残留杂质,同时软化及更生肌肤,刺激肌肤表层的血液循环,为肌肤作好最佳状态吸收随后的营养霜。内含瑞士冰山矿泉水、金镂梅精华、金盏花精华、甘菊精华,含94%冰山矿泉水,是一款高度保湿水。不含酒精成份。能实时补充肌肤水份,活跃细胞,为肌肤下一步的产品吸收做准备。使用后,肌肤感觉清爽及湿润,同时令肌肤细胞得到镇静及纾缓。 Part of Valmont's Purity collection that uses Swiss spring water, Vital Falls is an invigorating toner that leaves skin feeling revitalised and soothed. To be applied systematically to the face following contact with water and to perfect makeup removal. Suited to all skin types, even fragile skin. A vital product to be used every time the skin has been in contact with tap water. Please note that some Valmont products have a manufacturing date printed on the packaging. This is not an expiry date.
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